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The Climax VS12

Climax offers a 12,000 BTU DC Inverter dual hose portable AC that delivers its full rated capacity. Combining a dual hose design with a variable speed DC Inverter compressor provides the most efficient possible portable air conditioner, capable of using 67% less power to perform the same amount of cooling, alternatively it can provide twice the cooling for the same power.

The Worlds Most Efficient Portable Air Conditioner Features:

One Ton /12,000 BTU Cooling Capacity

The Climax portable AC uses a "real" rating of the unit that considers outdoor temperature. It's not a claim based only on change of enthalpy between the supply and return air. " At 95 F outdoor temperature the Climax VS12 delivers nearly twice the net cooling of a standard 12,000 BTU rated portable air conditioner.

Saves 50% Electricity

The Climax VS12 high efficiency portable AC uses 50% less energy compared to normal portable air conditioners of the same rated capacity. Actually the VS12 can save up to 72% under certain hot weather conditions.

No Drain Line Needed

Condensation liquid is sprayed onto the condenser coil to evaporate and provide additional cooling efficiency. This evaporation system vaporizes accumulated condensation and discharges it out of the exhaust hose which avoids the need for a drain line or emptying a reservoir.

DC Inverter Compressor

High SEER DC compressor automatically adjusts it's speed and capacity to allow the portable AC to use less power. And of course, DC inverter compressors have a longer life, run more quietly,  and start slowly to avoid voltage surge or dimming. This is the same type of compressor used in the worlds highest SEER mini-splits.

Dual Hose Design

Using dual hoses, no outdoor and indoor air are mixed - this increases capacity, lowers indoor humidity, and allows the DC Inverter compressor to  ramp down to a reduced power draw.

Remote Control

Digital remote control feature allows adjusting the temperature settings from across the room.

Simple Installation by End User

This high efficiency portable air conditioner does not need a professional installer, it simply pugs into standard 120v power outlet and connects quickly using the window kit (included).

7 Year Limited Warranty

The longest warranty in the portable air conditioner industry.

Fully Certified: UL 484 /CSA 22.2 / TUV /CEC*

See Climax Portable AC Spec Sheet

See Climax VS12 Installation Manual







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