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Off-Grid Solar Power

Installing your own solar can be a daunting task, but let us walk you through the installation process of our most customer friendly solar power kit.

Practical Preppers has installed many inverters in the past and we have found an inverter that is simple to install, has incredible off-grid features, and is incredibly efficient.

Introducing the Sol-Ark Inverter!

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  1. The Sol-Ark breaks ground by being 96.5% efficient.
  2. The Sol-Ark is incredibly powerful boasting 8,000W+ continuous output for On Grid production & 20,000W peak Off Grid for starting 3 ton A/C or well pumps
  3. Your inverter can be grid tied, hybrid, or off grid!

Special Features:

  1. As a bonus this inverter has a smart load feature that allows you to divert power to water heaters, pumps and air conditioners.

This inverter is cost effective, it is technologically advanced and it is expandable.

Practical Preppers has installed these inverters across the country and even in Canada.


Designing a solar power system for your house can be complicated, but we will walk you through every step.

Practical Preppers is an Authorized dealer of the Sol-Ark Inverter!



For information and advice about building your own solar or other off-grid project, please fill out our consultation form here.


Watch us install the inverter on this video!


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