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 Typical System: Sol-Ark EMP + 6 Panels + 8 Batteries + Transfer Switch/EMP appliance suppressors: $9400+ $600 shipping/handling

Sol-Ark (all cables) + 6 x 260W panels + 8 x 110AH Sealed Batteries (8-10 years).
Transfer switch installed by any electrician in 5-6 hours and powers many items in the house using house wiring.
Run a couple of freezers, Fridge, microwave, lights etc…
No stands for panels: assumes ground mounting (~$600 – we suggest where to buy) or roof mounting. Can still expand system to 15 panels & 16 batteries.


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EMP/Lightning Hardened Expandable Solar Generator System




Key Benefits:

  • Affordable & powerful family power generation: ($/solar watt)
  • Professionally engineered system that is easy enough to be installed by home owner or electrician.
  • Grid Interactive: use Sun and batteries to reduce electric bills while running your appliances without interruption
  • US Based engineering support
  • Lightning / Solar Flare / EMP Hardening while the system is in use!
  • Easy customization & expansion: 4 to 16 batteries, 3 to 15 solar panels (260W) depending on needs.Powerful enough to run many items Off Grid for years
    • Prices range from $5425 (min) to $8250 (typical) to $11175 (max) before 30% federal tax credit.
  • Professional Quality we stand behind 100% 




48V System Specs:

  • Sol-Ark portable solar generator
    • 3000W/6000W peak Pure Sinewave Grid Interactive Inverter knows when to use Grid and solar automatically to cut your energy bills (patent pending)
    • 60A MPPT charge controller with proprietary % Battery State of Charge
    • Hangs on wall and transportable in less than 15 minutes.
    • Does not need a smart meter: does not require permits to install.
    • Scalable/Expandable: 4 to 16 batteries and 3 to 15 solar panels (260W).



  • Almost Everything included
    • 2 pairs of 100ft Solar wires, Y connectors, and jumpers needed for 12 solar panels (supports up to 15 panels with a few added short wires)
    • Battery cables & boot covers
    • Screws for mounting Sol-Ark
    • Solar disconnect tool
    • 125V / 15A plug if want to replace 30A plug installed
    • 260W solar panels: 3, 6, 9, 12, 15 (depending on how you order)




  • Options:
    • Lightning / Solar Flare / EMP Hardening of Sol-Ark electronics will include EMP suppressors for solar panels and 3 appliances you plug directly in.
    • Adjustable angle solar panel mounts get 10-15% more power generation (patent pending)
      • Completely collapsible and stackable for portability. 12 panels easily fit in a pickup truck.
      • Includes wind stakes


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  • Transfer Switch
    • Allows you to quickly and easily connect into your home panel to distribute the solar generator power throughout your home wiring. 
    • Adjust your loads that stay on the generator all the time and only transfer high powered loads during a long term outage. Remember Sol-Ark will automatically transfer between Grid and Solar several times a day, so you rarely do anything.
    • Comes with 30A receptacle and cover
    • Comes with 15 EMP suppressors for home appliances around the home


The company producing Sol-Ark

Formed by engineers who specialize in solar, electrical, mechanical, and nuclear engineering. We wanted to offer a sensible and affordable solution for families to power typical items for everyday use. But if the power fails for a long period of time, we want people to thrive. So we designed our own complete portable Grid Interactive solar inverter/charge controller/generator system (patent pending) that is tested in 6 automated test stations. We also designed self-storing adjustable angle mounts for solar panels to let you harness 10-15% more solar energy (patent pending). Furthermore, we wanted to make sure the complete portable system could be installed by the homeowner to save cost. As our final contribution, it took us 6 months of testing the Lightning / Solar Flare / EMP Hardening design to assure it would hold up when needed. Protected properly, solar panels are safe from EMP & Solar Flares. One of our engineers tested solar panels at White Sands N.M. EMP test range. Batteries are also immune as long as they are not Lithium. 





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