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Why Buy Products From Practical Preppers?

Because it's all about how to best address YOUR situation and needs.

Engineering and System Design Applied to the Entire Range of Options

Well before founding Practical Preppers, we were passionate about investigating the entire range of products and technologies that might be applied to preparedness.

What sets us apart is our application of advanced engineering and system design experience to our evaluations. We have become nationally recognized experts in the preparation of plans that address every aspect of preparedness.

If your interest is a single product

Our deep experience with retreat consulting and engineering investigation offers a number of advantages, even when you are buying just a single product:

We have to keep current. Keeping up to date on all product areas is a full time job -- it has been our obsession. When we find a product that is new to us, we always investigate it. What we sell you is the most cost-effective solution for the priorities you have given us, the unique aspects of your site, and your budget.

We explain all the practical options, including costs, with up-to-date information (both inside the product category and compared to other types of options).

We have no agenda about any particular product, or even the types of product. It’s all about you -- where your purchase will be installed, your budget, and how prepared you want to be. Everyone concerned with preparedness has to start somewhere. Most start modestly.

We have installed and tested everything we sell. Our recommendations account for the real world. For each product type, we can describe, in detail, what is required for installation.

We Don’t Start with Technology - We Start With YOU

We apply advanced engineering knowhow, but our focus does not begin with technology. It begins with a focus on preparedness, and the factors that other clients have found important in situations like yours. We work with you to understand the problem you want to solve, without immediately considering specific products. That way, when the discussion turns to a product, it is really about how to best address your situation and needs.




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