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 Ultimate Convenience

The THRIVE food line consists of the same foods you would purchase at the market—fruits, veggies, meats, beans, grains, dairy, and the basics—only with THRIVE you don’t have to dash to the store every time you run out of essential ingredients such as eggs or milk. THRIVE has an extended shelf life, so you can store it in your own kitchen or pantry for a long time without worrying about spoilage. When you need an ingredient for one of your daily recipes, simply select the THRIVE product and add it to the mix— just like you would with fresh ingredients. Keeping THRIVE in your kitchen is just like having your own home market, completely stocked with all the food your family loves. The time you save by not rushing back and forth from the local grocery store will be valuable time you can spend doing the activities you enjoy. 

Healthy foods that taste deliciously fresh

THRIVE products make it easy for you to feed your family healthy, fresh-tasting foods. Each product is organized into one of six recognized and trusted categories to make it easy for you to maintain a well-balanced diet. Most THRIVE foods contain no additives or preservatives, so you can feel confident that when you eat THRIVE, you are guiding your family to a healthy and happy life.


The diverse flavors, textures, and colors of THRIVE make eating a rewarding experience. The THRIVE food line currently offers over 100 products that are sure to satisfy all of your cravings. Maybe you yearn for ripe, juicy strawberries or summer-sweet corn that comes and goes with the seasons. With THRIVE, you can have these delicious foods around all year long, so you can be prepared whenever that craving hits. When you think of long-lasting or preserved food, you probably think of bottled veggies that have been pickled past recognition. These stereotypes aren’t true for THRIVE. All THRIVE products are harvested at the peak of perfection and then freeze dried or dehydrated to lock in their freshness, making them the perfect choice for all your cooking, baking, and snacking needs.

THRIVE History

Like so many revolutionary ideas, the story of THRIVE began with a problem. Thrive Life founders, Jason and Lindsay Budge and Steve and Amy Palmer, were frustrated because they spent large amounts of money on food that often spoiled or was wasted. At times it felt as if their hard-earned money was going straight to the trash. They tried purchasing foods that had a longer shelf life, but they got discouraged because many of these foods tasted bland and contained mystery ingredients that were not beneficial to their health. 

They believed that one of the keys to maintaining an active, happy lifestyle is to eat healthy foods that contain essential nutrients and fewer additives. However, they didn’t have extra time or money to spend on expensive specialty foods that required additional preparation. As each trip to the supermarket proved unsuccessful, they became more and more discouraged as they realized their options were so limited. They searched tirelessly for foods that offered these desired benefits, but they had a difficult time finding foods that fit their standards of health, taste, and quality. So, they resolved to develop their own line of food that would meet these high standards, and redefine how people think about the health, convenience, and longevity of the food they eat. They knew this was a huge undertaking, but they also knew it could change the quality of life for people around the world. After a year of intense research, rigorous testing, and continual refinement, they introduced THRIVE— a superior line of long-lasting natural foods with impeccable taste and quality that contain the nutrients and flavors essential for healthy living.

Today THRIVE is recognized as the industry leader because it offers the highest quality products for the best value. People love the great taste of THRIVE! They are pleased with how easy it is to cook with and they enjoy the convenience of having so many healthy choices right at their fingertips. Come experience THRIVE today, and enjoy life redefined.



THRIVE is the perfect answer to the dreaded question, “What’s there to eat?” THRIVE has a vast selection of your favorite foods that you’re used to cooking with, making it a sensible addition to any breakfast, lunch, or dinner. But the versatility of this line of foods doesn’t end there.


If you are like most people, you spend countless hours each week deciding what to cook and preparing meals. With THRIVE, you can often cut that time in half! Each conveniently labeled can includes a trusted THRIVE recipe developed by culinary professionals. All you need to do is select a THRIVE product and follow the recipe on the back of the can. Each recipe is specifically developed for THRIVE, so the results are sure to please your entire family.

A wise investment funded from your current budget

One question people have about THRIVE is how to work the cost into their current food budget. The answer is simple—reallocation. If you take a portion of your monthly food budget, say $300 dollars, and reallocate that amount to THRIVE foods, you will start to build your THRIVE home store with healthy, great tasting foods without going into debt. It is really that easy! 

Quality, long-lasting food you will love

Complete customer satisfaction is our top priority. Before any THRIVE products leave our facility, they are individually tested by our on-site quality assurance department and FSIS Inspector. The Thrive Life quality assurance team carefully reviews each product to verify that it meets our standards of premium quality. We take great precaution in every step of the process to ensure you’re eating only the best. 


From breads to pastas, we have a huge variety to keep your family happy.



Make pastas and other meals delicious and nutritious! 




Perfect for 
breakfasts, or
just snacking!




Cheeses and milk powders are easy to use and surprisingly delicious! 



TVP and beans ensure your meals are balanced.



Drink mixes, sugar, salt and other staples. 



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