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Friday, 31 January 2014 15:14

SilverFire Survivor Rocket Stove

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The new Survivor design improvement upgrades include:

1. The Perlite insulation is no longer available and has been swapped out for premium rock mineral wool insulationto eliminate Perlite residue (fine dust) that was evident with rough handling by ground transportation services, during transport and deliveries.

2. Handles are now shipped inside stove and attached by customer to prevent the cosmetic dings we saw with ground transportation handlers. Pem nuts are now embedded in the stainless steel stove wall and 6 fine thread Phillip head machine screws are provided to attach handles to stove.

3. Our original cast iron stove top had 4 pot supports, Our new upgraded cast iron stove top, now includes 5 pot supports! Our rocket stove cast iron top is the thickest and most durable of any brand currently on the market.

4. An additional temperature reducing baffle plate has been added to the bottom of the stove, for safer handling and to decrease temperature on cooking surfaces. Our stove has is the coolest surface temperature below the stove of any product on the market.

5. A fuel gauge has been added to the custom black stainless steel stove door. The flame shaped diameter fuel gauge is intended to remind folks this is the actual diameter of fuel required for the stove. The fuel gauge also provides a second option to lift the stove door when adding fuel, or moving it forward on the fuel shelf. The door is designed to be down when cooking!


Survivor Specifications:

Cooking Fire Power: ≥1.5 KW

Thermal Efficiency:≥ 35% (StoveTec/EcoZoom 30%)

Emissions Concentration (smoke): ≤25mg / m3

SO2≤ 20mg / m3

NOx: ≤ 120mg / m3

CO: ≤ 0.1%

Smoke & Gas Blackness Level (Ringelmann Level): ≤ level 


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His ever-growing knowledge of sustainable living practices is gaining recognition as a result of his consultation work  In addition to his dozens of radio and television interviews on Prepping, Scott has been featured in publications like Outside Magazine.




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