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Monday, 17 July 2017 11:18

Threats and Solutions In Today's World

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Join us this Saturday, July 22nd for the Threats and Solutions in Today's World Seminar!



Alan Kay


JULY 22, 2017
8:30 AM - 6:00 PM
Doors open at 8:00 am
Shackford Hall, Lake Junaluska
Join us and a great line of speakers for a one-day seminar on the threats and dangers in our world today. Learn what is going on that the mainstream media isn't telling you.

Speakers include: Alan Kay, Dr. William Forstchen, Scott Hunt, Dietrich Easter, Tim Glance, Mr. Mad Mick + more.

Bring family and neighbors that need to know the basics of how to be prepared in emergency situations. Alan Kay will be speaking on personal preparedness; William Forstchen on threats; and Scott Hunt on basics of water retrieval and basic solar. Tim can tell you what you need to carry in your car at all times. Dietrich, (AKA Skinny Medic), will cover basic medical, and Mr. Mad Mick (we never know what he will come up with!)

We may have special classes for the children.

This will be held at Shackford Hall at Lake Junaluska. Come in main entrance to the lake and Shackford Hall will be just past Jones Dining Hall.

Use the parking lot at the dining hall. Shackford is the big white building on the hill.

There are four restaurants in close proximity to Shackford Hall. Bojangles is the only "fast food" near the lake entrance.

The Speakers will be as follows.

Dr. William Forstchen - Threats in Today's World
Tim "Old Grouch" Glance - What to carry in your car in case of evacuation for fire, hurricanes, floods; and Communications
Dr. David McCracken, Veterinarian at Country Lane Animal Hospital.  Care of animals in SHTF.
Scott Hunt- Engineer 775 - Water & Energy
Skinny Medic & Mr. Mad Mick  -  Medical
Alan Kay - Personal Preparedness

Alan Kay and Skinny Medic will do fire starting and first aid classes for the children (6-16)  Times TBA

Tickets are $20 Adults, $10 Children  Purchase online or call the store 828-456-5310

You can purchase tickets online at: — or come into the store
Carolina Readiness Supply Inc.
Will you be ready when the lights go out?
72 Montgomery St. Waynesville, N.C. 28786 (828) 456-5310

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Scott Hunt

Scott Hunt is a Prepper, but not just any kind of Prepper. His Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering and his 10 years of experience as an engineer with Michelin provides a serious technical foundation for his work. Good old-fashioned know-how learned from his life experience in livestock, gardening, welding, logging and machinery helps him towards his goal of living a sustainable lifestyle, too.

His ever-growing knowledge of sustainable living practices is gaining recognition as a result of his consultation work for the popular television show Doomsday Preppers and his involvement with the upcoming show The Castle. In addition to his dozens of radio and television interviews on Prepping, Scott has been featured in publications like Outside Magazine.




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