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Thursday, 15 June 2017 08:51

Prepper Camp this September

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Prepper Camp

Join us this September for the 4th annual North Carlolina Prepper Camp.

          Welcome to Prepper CampTM 

460 Orchard Lake Road, Saluda, NC


Prepper Camp  will be Sept, 15,16, & 17,  2017


 AdvanceTickets- Available Now!

Whether it is for the day, or for the entire weekend, Prepper Camp is a total immersion event in preparedness, survival, camp craft and homesteading skills.


Listen to, ask questions of, and break bread with some of the best preparedness, survival, and homesteading experts in the world.

Not only will you be able to go to scheduled classes, but you will have the opportunity to gain hands-on experience in a number of different areas of preparedness.


Unlike attending an event inside a convention center, Prepper Camp is national event, held in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains, and located in a campground venue that allows you to experience preparedness information, survival skills, and camp-craft activities like no other preparedness conference.


Learn what you need to survive, meet speakers and vendors that have preparedness items that you need, all in an environment where you can swim, camp, fish, boat, hike, and cook-out.


Experience a preparedness conference like no other. Bring your family, meet like- minded people, listen to prepper music and entertainment, and come away with the knowledge, access to experts, and friends that could have your back in an emergency.

The Speakers:  

(Roll your mouse over the photos to see the names)

 Survivor Jane        Matt Sirni   Michael McKinley             Omer Causey        Keith Iton  

Join your hosts, Survivor Jane, Rick Austin (The Survivalist Gardener), Grannie Pam, Jennifer Elswick, and more than 30 of the most knowledgeable preparedness speakers in the world, at a prepper event you will want to attend each and every year.

 AdvanceTickets- Available Now!

There will be no tickets sold at the door.



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Scott Hunt

Scott Hunt is a Prepper, but not just any kind of Prepper. His Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering and his 10 years of experience as an engineer with Michelin provides a serious technical foundation for his work. Good old-fashioned know-how learned from his life experience in livestock, gardening, welding, logging and machinery helps him towards his goal of living a sustainable lifestyle, too.

His ever-growing knowledge of sustainable living practices is gaining recognition as a result of his consultation work for the popular television show Doomsday Preppers and his involvement with the upcoming show The Castle. In addition to his dozens of radio and television interviews on Prepping, Scott has been featured in publications like Outside Magazine.




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