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Thursday, 28 August 2014 15:22

Heritage Life Skills VIII

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April 12-14 2019 
Don't miss the survival event of the year! Join us for classes on survival and preparedness taught live- in person by the experts you know!
Carolina Readiness Supply
71 Montgomery St
Waynesville, NC 28786 
Registration begins 2/4/19 




Everything You Wanted to Know About Prepping (well- almost), In Just an Hour with Scott Hunt.
If you listen to any interview this year about prepping- you need to listen to this one!
This show has an incredible amount of information in it,  about so many preparedness issues, that you will want to take notes! 
Find out the nuances of everything from water systems, heating, and energy, to what to look for in the best bug out, or homesteading location.
Meet Scott Hunt, alias: Engineer 775, alias Practical Preppers. 
  • Find out about Water delivery systems: 
    •      Ram Pumps, Solar Submersible and Surface pumps, River Pumps, Spiral pumps, Simple Pumps, hand pumps, and filtration.
  • Find out about Energy Alternatives:
    •      Hybrid Battery Backup systems that include, solar, generators, hydro, and wind power.
  • And Find out about Retreat System Design  (Sustainability):
    •     Hot water, Heating ( woodstoves including outside wood heaters), cooking, canning, Sanitation, Food, Medical, Security etc. 
Find out how his new book and his new DVD can help you prepare for almost any crisis!
Listen to the Secrets of a Survivalist radio show: 
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Scott Hunt

Scott Hunt is a Prepper, but not just any kind of Prepper. His Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering and his 10 years of experience as an engineer with Michelin provides a serious technical foundation for his work. Good old-fashioned know-how learned from his life experience in livestock, gardening, welding, logging and machinery helps him towards his goal of living a sustainable lifestyle, too.

His ever-growing knowledge of sustainable living practices is gaining recognition as a result of his consultation work  In addition to his dozens of radio and television interviews on Prepping, Scott has been featured in publications like Outside Magazine.




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