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Solar Kennel Kooling

Tuesday, 31 May 2016 00:00
We strolled into "The Barking Lot" to install these 2 Solar mini splits at a local dog kennel. 

Heritage Life Skills

Thursday, 31 March 2016 00:00
Scott Hunt (Engineer775) will be speaking at the Heritage Life Skills Conference at Carolina Readiness Supply.  The 5th annual Heritage Life Skills event is scheduled for April 29-May1, 2016. The list of classes is quite long and still growing. Current featured classes are Archery, Basic Sewing, Bee Keeping, Blacksmithing, Bread Making, Building a Forge, Canning Butter, Canning Jam, Canning Meat, Canning Vegetables, Cheese Making, CPR Certification, Dehydrating, Dutch Oven Cooking, Emergency Auto Repair, Essential Oils, Fire Starting, Knife Making, Land Navigation, Perimeter Security, Prepper Pharmacy, Quilting, Radio Communications, Raising Rabbits, Reloading, Secret Garden of Survival, Seed Saving, Shelters, Shitake Mushrooms, Surveillance Detection, Suturing, Teas and Tinctures, Trapping, Water/Wells/Hand-pumps, Weed Walk (Edible Plants) and MORE to come! The cost is :  Per Person:March 15th:      $75.00March 31st:    $100.00April 25th:       $115.00At the door: $125.00Students:March 15th:      $30.00March 31st:       $40.00April…

Latest YouTube Video

Saturday, 17 October 2015 00:00
 How to use the Solar Pathfinder to select which trees need to be removed to maximize solar energy production.   In this video we use the pathfinder to not only pick trees but to locate the best spot for ground mount arrays to maximize power output.  We also take into account aesthetics, security, conduit runs/ voltage drop etc when selecting array locations.    

Top 250 Prepper Site

Saturday, 17 October 2015 00:00
Practical Preppers has been named as one of the best 250 Prepper websites on  

Check out this new bugout bag builder!

Friday, 02 October 2015 00:00
With this new tool, you can easily build your bugout bag. It is designed to help you find everything you need. The site automatically lets you know if everything will fit into your bag.    We have tested this site and personally recommend this tool to everyone.      

Body Armor

Monday, 26 January 2015 00:00
The Correct Protection Levels and Types for Preppers So you have solved various problems that you'll have to face in case something happens and our own civilized way of life ends. You've thought of food, shelter, water, facilities but what happens when everybody else, who didn't prepare start coveting your supplies? What's that? Yes, security. Now I've seen a lot of preppers that have an assault rifle, a kevlar helmet and a tactical vest? What? There is something wrong with that. If you want to protect your family from the effects of the collapse of society you better not die right away. See, what some preppers forget is that no amount of firepower will stop a sneak attack. This threat worsens if…
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